Our Recipes

Caramel Tiramisu Latte:

  1. Start by brewing Cordoba's Espresso Forza Tiramisu (can be brewed in either a Bialetti Espresso Maker or any automatic Espresso Machine) For a 8oz cup, you will need 2oz of coffee or I double shot.
  2. Pour into a 8oz serving cup.
  3. Pour approx. 4oz. of regular 2% milk into a separate cup .
  4. Froth using a latte whip or a whipping cup with just a small head of froth.
  5. Pour milk over coffee.
  6. Garnish with whip cream Caramel and Caramel syrup.

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From small office hospitality to large corporations, food service providers, and retailers, Cordoba Coffee is here to help you with all that you need. We offer a full range of equipment, accessories, in-store roasters and, of course, our various brands of coffee & espresso.

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Flavoured Espresso At Cordoba, we offer a variety of coffee options. Uncover the subtle nuances between sophisticated, elegant and modern Italian-inspired espresso, specialty coffee and traditional blends.

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